Transitions, Changing Seasons

Bare with me as I take the plunge into Social Media, Shop Updates, Managing a Website and Blog Posts. I truly thought I was savvy enough, until I started an online business. I am definitely learning a lot, and finding a community I didn't know was out there for me. 

It has been a wild transition. Somehow, in the last two months I moved to Colorado from the East Coast, set up my home, workshop, and website, got a job, bought a new car, then sold a car, the list goes on! These have been huge changes, while pursuing my jewelry dreams and finding time to create in between the madness. Slowly, but surely I am settling in to my new routine and absolutely loving it.

On this last shop update, I added a few sky blue #8 turquoise rings. #8 Turquoise is mined in Eureka, Nevada. The mine is no longer producing turquoise making #8 extremely sought after, as it is some of the finest, most beautiful turquoise to come out of Nevada. I loved working with these stones as they reminded me of the landscapes found around me and the blue bird skies in Colorado. 

As we move in to the magical, crisp nights, and moons, I have added a few labradorite pieces to chase the light with. In a few days, I will be adding a few more flashy pendants, that would make great gifts for the holidays. Believe it or not the Holidays are just around the corner! If you need gifts, don't hesitate to adorn your loved ones in handcrafted jewelry this year! I will be having a few smaller updates as the Holidays approach. Please do your best to support small businesses this holiday season and every day. Wishing all of the small businesses on Small Business Saturday a great season!!!


Stay tuned TUESDAY for the next shop update!