Guys, I Opened a Store!!

Wow! I mean, Holy cow! I opened a store! In my dreamy little town, Shepherdstown, WV. I have been making jewelry for years and years, and all the while serving and bartending to support my dreams. It.was..exhausting! I am finally in my happy place, making jewelry in my studio that doubles as my TINY storefront. Ok, for real, it is TINY, but it is perfect in every way. I also get to support other artists while following my own dreams. I have created a little community of Humble Honeys and have the honor of helping them along on their journey of being a working artist. I don't know if you know about this life, but it is pretty damn hard. Try pouring your everything in to a piece of art and cross your fingers that one person finds it and likes it enough to buy it. Yea, it's hard. And I didn't get here by myself. I will never forget that YOU are allowing each and every one of us to continue creating.


At The Humble Honey, you will find handcrafted Everything! I work with potters, knitters, crocheters, painters, photographers, herbalists, leather workers, glass artists, and more! Come visit us!