Blue Bird Special!

Slow and steady wins the race! This transition has been trying and long. I see the finish line and it keeps moving farther and farther, and that's okay with me! I have been chasing my dreams for over a decade now and have loved every step of the journey, every goal met, achievement made, daydreams turned real life. This last batch of jewelry that got snatched up before it even hit the shop really inspired me. The stones I used are what started this crazy, love affair in the first place. The brilliant blues and greens found in the finest turquoise are what keep me going, and yearning after something that I want so much, MORE TURQUOISE! I watched another Tucson Gem Show slip away from me, but I know that my goal will be met next year. I WILL be there. For you, I offer these sky blue Royston beauties and a SALE! Thank you for all of your support and your help in making my world go 'round. Cheers to forever spending my last dime on turquoise!