Allow me to introduce myself..

Helloooo, to all of my Humble Honeys out there!!!


Just thought I’d take the time to very casually introduce myself here.


My name is Cori, I live along the river in Shepherdstown, WV. I am a self-taught silversmith, and pride myself in using traditional silversmithing techniques. Primarily, I work with semi-precious stones, my favorite being Turquoise. After working and selling in jewelry stores for the first half of my career, I decided that I needed to start making and adorning myself in my own jewels. I had no idea what I was getting myself in to. Making jewelry is expensive, and time consuming! Not to mention, finding someone willing to teach you is hard! I found a class that would teach me how to use a torch and solder, and I have been teaching myself ever since. I was not prepared for the business aspect of being a jeweler, and I have been teaching myself that part as well. What started as my newfound favorite medium, quickly turned in to a way to reach all of you! I am so fortunate to adorn you all, and gift you a feeling of empowerment. If my jewelry can make you feel more beautiful in your own skin, then my job is done! Recently, I opened a jewelry store in my tiny town, and sadly had to shut it down due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. This has been a wild ride, an incredible journey, and I am so ready to tackle what’s next!


Some random tidbits of information…I am a music lover, this girl has got to dance. I have an amazing community of friends and family that will hit the dance floor with me any time I want. Where I live, bluegrass is everywhere! But, we also like to get FUNKY! My family is the shit, I am so blessed and I share them with everyone. I have a dog named Snowden, she is an Australian Shepherd/Texas Heeler/Corgi mix, product of 2 festival dogs. I am forever striving to learn and grow, dive deep, and manifest my dreams. My next dream is to become a homeowner. I love to laugh and unwind with a gluten free beverage in the evening. It is summertime and I love to paddle, any time spent on water is a good time! I love Appalachia and feel so lucky to be surrounded by green forests. I drive a Honda Element, and always have a bed made in the back, you never know when you might need one. As much as I love adventure, I spend a lot of time staying focused and creating my reality. That concludes the tidbit and about me section. Thanks for stopping in to get to know me a little better.

For all my Dog Lovers out Snowden


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