2020 Just Isn't my year...Here's where you're wrong!!

Wow, have you been on one wild rollercoaster ride? I have! For all of you who feel like 2020 just isn’t your year, I’ve got good news for you! 2020 could absolutely be your year! You now have time to really dig in. That could mean your business, or your very important inner work. We have been granted the ever so illusive FREE time! Now, what are you going to do with it?


Everything you did up to this point is NORMAL! Did you feel paralyzed? Did you spend more time being unproductive, than being productive? Did you spend your days glued to the news and social media, with tears in your eyes? Did you start drinking at 1 PM on a Tuesday? Did you spend your days worrying about the future of your business, job and family? Were you afraid to see your loved ones in fear of getting one of them sick? Yeah, me too. Honestly, it sucked. And I sure as hell did not use my time wisely. I was very on top of letting myself feel all the feels, it was so important to me to be gentle with myself. We were absolutely responding to a trauma event, as a collective. So, give yourself a break.


 I am finally at a place where I am ready to grab 2020 by the reins and get to work!  I had to completely pivot my business, and move to 100% online sales.  The hard closing of my store front did leave me paralyzed and wondering what the hell to do next. I had just poured all of my energy in to manifesting that dream, so what’s next?


I am stepping out of my comfort zone 1000%! I’m excited, terrified and committed. I will be finding new, on trend ways to connect to all of you! Expect more content, videos, sneak peeks and more! I will start in October with a Virtual Trunk show, it will be a live video and you will be able to comment SOLD to claim your new favorite piece of handcrafted sterling silver jewelry. You guys, this is huge for me. Real talk, I struggle with online marketing in a big way. I am not comfortable in front of a camera, but the future of my business depends on it. I want to keep bringing you timeless jewelry that make you feel empowered. So, here I go! I can’t wait to see you there!!!