The Ferns Earrings

The Ferns Earrings

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 If you take a walk through the woods you will feel enchanted by their presence and their ancient existence. As their fiddle heads quietly unfurl, slowly awakening as the sun and warm air invite them to thrive for the summer, I am reminded that I have been sleepy as well. I am reminded to breathe deep, bask in natures glory and grow.

This is my second season capturing The Ferns magic in sterling Silver. The Fern Earrings are surprisingly light in weight, so you can go Big in comfort.

These earrings are handcrafted using sterling silver. The sterling silver has been oxidized to darken the metal. This patina should be maintained with a regular, light polishing. 

*The jewelry should be treated like a one of a kind, handcrafted piece of art. That means no water, no rough housing and no chemicals!