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White Buffalo Ring, Size 7 1/4

I have always been a sucker for this angelic stone. White Buffalo is usually tricky for me to find as it is only found in one mine in Nevada. It is becoming more and more rare, and often times mimicked by two less valuable stones, howlite and magnesite. It is often called White Buffalo Turquoise because it is found in a turquoise mine, and is very similar in chemical makeup, but actually lacks any hard metals(copper, iron, or zinc) that would normally bring out the blues and greens. Needless to say, I snatch it up when I can and only from those that I trust. The sterling silver has been oxidized  to darken the metal. This patina should be maintained with a regular, light polishing. The face of this ring measures 1 in. X 1/2 in. Size 7 1/4.

*The jewelry should be treated like a one of a kind, handcrafted piece of Art. That means no water, no rough housing and no chemicals! to ensure a quality lifetime of your piece.

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